This Week in the Voice: Club sports, serious problems

Crutch PlayIn this week’s feature, Chris Almeida looks into the health problems that participants in club sports face at Georgetown. Specifically, club sports don’t have access to trainers and have to rely on either the emergency room or the student health center for emergencies:

However, the medical attention given to club programs is not held to the same standards as that given to their varsity counterparts. Although it has been a concern of the Advisory Board for Club Sports, these athletes are not given access to a trainer— considered an essential resource at advanced levels of competition. Members of varsity teams have trainers on-site at games and are provided trainers when something goes wrong at practice. Club sports athletes, however, have to make do with less specialized attention.

News brings you the details on the master planning survey and how it will be used to inform new construction projects for the next 20 years.

Leisure has a preview of the upcoming student film Muse and examines the challenges they face from the University.

The Sports section profiles Georgetown Boxing Club, a group formed in 2007 yet manages to send fighters to the collegiate boxing nationals.

For Voices, Leigh Finnegan reflects on Susan A. Patton’s letter to the Daily Princetonian telling Princeton women to find a man while still in college: “As a female college senior reading this article, my gut reaction was befuddlement—Get a husband in college? What a comically horrible idea.”

The Ed Board thinks you should vote yes on D.C.’s Budget Referendum next Thursday, April 23.

Finally, Page 13 reveals the confessions of the ever-present smokers outside of Lau.

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