Well, that’s it for me, Vox

Sign off pictureThis is it for me, Vox. I was elected five months ago, so now it’s time for me to sashay away.

Sometimes in the course of the semester, what we cover is really exciting, and, other times, it’s painfully, painfully boring. For instance, every week Vox covers what our favorite campus leaders talk about at their meetings in Gaston. You know them as GUSA Roundups.

One week, my assistant editor Caitriona agreed to write the post. This particular GUSA meeting was dragging on for hours, and the only thing she had to occupy her was her notes, which she decided to entitle “WEEKLY GUSA CIRCLEJERK.”

Somehow, she was seated near GUSA President Nate Tisa, who happened to see her notes. I’m fairly certain that Tisa looked at every Voice reporter differently after that day.

Vox takes its work seriously while not taking itself too seriously. And I’m proud to say that, this semester, I think we’ve lived up to that ethos. (Even if it did devolve into our own circlejerk at times.)

Mostly, though, any success Vox stumbled upon this semester is credit to my assistant editors Isabel Echarte, Ryan Greene, and Caitriona Pagni. We worked as a team this semester and I was incredibly lucky to have them.

Anyway, this will be my last post as Vox editor. Ryan and Izzy will stay on as assistant editors next semester, whereas I’ll be returning to the print side of things as managing editor (my election for which is in literally minutes). In the meantime, it’s been real.

11 Comments on “Well, that’s it for me, Vox

  1. Thanks Comma, for making Vox great! It’s the only thing I read consistently throughout the semester. I’ll miss you!

  2. We had a hell of a run Cwns. You da best!

  3. This post makes me sad. You’ll still have to help us mess up our Vox budgets next semester :(

  4. CONNAR your snark shall be forever missed ;( good luck regaining a real life


    </3 </3

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