Attention: You’re attractive and smart

Red LipsAs the unfortunate among us undertake the first round of finals today, it might comfort you to know that at least you’re going to look good while suffering—and no, it’s not all that healthy Leo’s food finally paying off.

A recent study conducted by the venerated institution of Buzzfeed measured “The Sexiest, Smartest Schools in the Country.” They used the academic rankings from Forbes and the equally scientific data from DateMySchool’s National Hotness Google Doc Index to create the graph. The graph placed Georgetown below Princeton and Harvard for academic rigor (chip, meet shoulder), but far ahead of Stanford and Northwestern for sexiness of the student body.

The top 10 list includes Columbia and University of Virginia, paired with pictures of sexy alumni—Jake Gyllenhaal and Tina Fey respectively. Vox thinks, however, that they need to re-evaluate: don’t we get points for Bradley Cooper, the actual sexiest man alive, and Bill Clinton?

Georgetown performs well overall in the District, scoring above both American University and George Washington in both the “Most Academic” and “Most Sexy” categories. (Howard was not included in the poll, but in this report, at least, GW remains ranked.) American loses out to GW in terms of studying, but GW remains the least attractive of the three schools.

With that in mind, happy studying! Enjoy the ego boost based off of completely arbitrary criteria.

Photo: Jessica James via Flickr. 

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