OCAF, Student Housing to move to Division of Student Affairs

9 a.m. Thursday Dec. 12 Healy HallThis afternoon, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson and Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey released a memo announcing pending changes in the structure of the Office of University Facilities and Student Housing, which includes the Office of Campus Activity Facilities and Student Housing.

As of July 1, 2013, OCAF and Student Housing will become part of the Division of Student Affairs. Housing and the Office of Residence Life will consolidate into one office, headed by Stephanie Lynch, Director of Residence Life since 2003. OCAF will move to Student Affairs as part of Student Engagement, and will be led by Assistant Dean Erika Cohen-Derr.

The entire Office of University Facilities and Student Housing will change to become Planning and Facilities Management. Jonalyn Ware Greene, who currently heads the Office, will transition to lead Financial Management and Business Operations for the new office.  The role of Planning and Facilities Management is to “focus on master planning, facility infrastructure improvements and work order management implementation to facilitate service improvements,” according to the memo. These changes will not affect summer or fall housing, late stay, or activity space scheduling.

The memo, titled “Strategic Changes to Support a Vibrant Living and Learning Community,” explained that these changes came after consultation with students and faculty and took comments and questions from the Hoya Roundtables over the past two years into consideration. “We are making significant investments to bring more students on campus, and to engage students, faculty, and staff in the life of our campus, inside the classroom, in residence halls, and in the many co-curricular opportunities offered,” the memo said. “This change comes at an exciting time and provides us the capacity to ensure students experience a premiere residential environment that supports an engaged campus community.”

Photo: Tiffany Lachhonna/Georgetown Voice

7 Comments on “OCAF, Student Housing to move to Division of Student Affairs

  1. “The first goal of a bureaucracy is to preserve the bureaucracy.” -Ronald Reagan

    Centralizing offices under a larger umbrella will only make things worse, if that’s even possible.

  2. Let me update my list of Georgetown bureaucracies. OCAF, formerly categorized as “incompetent,” will now be join DTO’s office under “evil.”

  3. “Facts are stupid things.” – Ronald Reagan

  4. Ok, I know some people think that this shake-up doesn’t make sense, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. UFSH used to make the lives of students hell. Now that Karen Frank is gone (and all the power she accumulated over decades at gtown), Facilities can actually turn things around to make things efficient. That’s up to you, Robert Morey. Also, this is, in effect a demotion of Jonalyn “disaster” Greene. I’m sure she got a raise, but at least she will no longer have a negative impact on students. Most schools are organized this way anyway, and Georgetown was an outlier. Joke all you want about the bureaucracy, but this puts good people in good positions. And also runs things the way that nearly every other school in the country has found to be more efficient. Now gtown just needs more money to update residences.


  6. I would like to take this opportunity to anonymously bash Karen Frank. Seriously, though, man. so many fond memories. At a student-facilities meeting 3 years back I suggested maybe we could use some more bike racks, espec. because the “wheel slot” style don’t work so well. Boy, did I find out how wrong I was about that in a hurry.

  7. Everything I’ve seen implies to me that this is a good move that will improve efficiently.

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