Morning Digest: A taser attack and an end to the gas tax

     Today will have a high of 81 with a chance of thunderstorms.

To masticate today:

  • Five Hoyas selected as Pickering Fellows: Four undergraduates in the SFS and one graduate of the SFS were selected to be Pickering Fellows. Pickering Fellows have one domestic and one foreign internship and receive financial aid for their first year of graduate school before committing to three years as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.
  • Don’t tase me, bro: Late Tuesday night, a man was assaulted, shocked with a taser, and robbed on the 1500 block of 34th Street.

What to look out for:

  • No more SmarTrips: Metro General Manager Richard Sarles plans to someday offer Metro riders the option of paying for their trips directly with their phones or credit cards, right at the turnstile. This will save riders the trouble of having to get a fare pass or SmarTrip card prior to entering the Metro. Sarles hopes the new system will be implemented in the next few months.
  • No more gas tax: D.C.’s budget for fiscal 2014 includes a proposal to eliminate the 23.5 cents per gallon gas tax. Instead, the District would levy an 8.3 percent tax on wholesale gas. While the move will make it easier for the city government to predict revenue from fuel taxes, it will not help make gas cheaper for consumers, as gas companies will likely respond by boosting their prices.

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