Coming to a TV near you: Condom ads as ritzy as Ciroc commercials

The D.C. Department of Health has one message for you: Use a rubber, kid.

That’s been the message for years, though now the department is using a glitzier ad campaign to get the idea across to us young folk. In a commercial that premiered last night, a group of elegantly-dressed men and women roll up to a club in a stretch limousine and, through winks and stolen glances, proceed to start hooking up. But they forgot the condoms! Not to worry, they order some fine government-issued durexes with their slick iPhone 5s! (apparently since they couldn’t afford trojans after they bought the limo).

The commercial is part of an effort to reduce the rates of STD infections and unwanted pregnancies. There are four ways to get free condoms: Text DCWRAP to 61827, find a distribution center online, call 311 and ask for free condoms, or use an online form to get condoms delivered. D.C.’s HIV-infection rate remains around 3 percent, which are considered epidemic levels.

But who says access to condoms improves public health? It’s not like everyone is having sex or anything.

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