Twuesday Tweetacular: Nobody likes Dance Moms


Bisi O

High in carbs, low in fat, what’s not to love? Bisi O‘s dad has the right idea. One of Vox‘s favorite road-trip activities is chucking corn, maybe we should carpool.

Chris AlmeidaThe Voice‘s Sports Editor / resident boy wonder Chris Almeida has good taste in television. Everyone knows that good TV has to be about either drugs, mental illness, the gays, murder, the sixties, or community college.

Scott StirrettScott Stirrett has it right. Vox suspects Mitch Hurwitz’s eye for the absurdity developed during his time at Georgetown, probably while reading about GUSA.

Alison CrowleyAlison Crowley, just think of the announcement of the announcement as the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of a certain city council member’s mayoral run.

Will SommerLet Vox congratulate one of our own for being promoted at Washington’s noble alt-weekly. Loose Lips obviously refers to mouths, people. Well, usually, at least.

Aaron WienerNo, Aaron Wiener, Marion Barry is right: Absolutely no one in the District of Columbia has a job inside the District of Columbia. Didn’t you watch Boomtown?

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