Prefrosh Preview: Sexy and I know it—Vox‘s guide to staying fit in college

ExerciseLet’s face it. In addition to the stress of moving away from home, starting tough and demanding classes, and desperately attempting to have some sort of a social life, the last thing you want is the notorious “freshman 15.

Because Vox is so very thoughtful, we have put together a few tips for staying healthy and fit in college, so you don’t have to worry about the supposedly inevitable weight-gain when you find your plate totally full. (tee hee)

First of all, everyone, even all of you previous high-school athletes out there, need to keep in mind that you won’t be getting the same amount of physical activity per week without actively choosing to, because you won’t be attending and playing in practices, games, etc. For this reason, you should make physical activity part of your daily or weekly routine, whether that is joining a club sports team, making the long trek up the hill to Yates, or going to yoga classes off campus.

In terms of club sports, you’ll get a more detailed and full picture of what Georgetown has to offer at the fall Student Activities Fair. Since the SAC Fair can tend to get a little overwhelming, Vox wants to highlight some of your options.

Georgetown has your standard club sports, including baseball, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, cross country, lacrosse and more. Joining these sports can be demanding, but only if you want it to be. You can be as much or as little involved in a club sport as you want to be, participating anywhere from one practice a week to practices everyday and meets against other university club teams every weekend.

Georgetown also has some unique club sports teams, which can be some of the most fun activities to join on campus (besides joining The Voice or Vox, obviously). There is a triathalon team, for those of you who can’t decide on a sport or just like physical torture in general; an equestrian team, which has weekly practices and competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association; and, most famously, an ultimate frisbee team, which is known to be a very welcoming and tight-knit community. If you want to get ahead of the game (again, teehee) and research club sports, click here.

If you’re not really the team sports type, there’s always Yates. Yates Field House is Georgetown’s main exercise facility, to which all students are members of upon enrollment. Yates has the standard exercise equipment, including treadmills, elliptical, free-weights, and other weight-training machines, but also boasts a full indoor track, two full basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, and an indoor pool. It might be intimidating to go to Yates during peak times (anywhere from 4-6 before dinnertime), so asking someone on your hall to be an exercise buddy might be an ideal way to get your workout in and make a new friend.

Vox understands that Yates isn’t for everyone, and even if it was, it gets a little boring to run in place on a treadmill everyday. To switch up your workout routine, Vox recommends getting off campus for a run through one of the many beautiful parks and trails, or trying one of the following exercise places off campus:

  • Down Dog Yoga: Vox’s yoga studio of choice. Located conveniently close to campus (right behind Dean and Deluca on M St.), Down Dog Yoga provides an energizing and refreshing hot yoga experience where you can relax and detoxify yourself both of the Baked&Wired cupcake you ate as well as the stress of school and work.
  • CorePower Yoga: CorePower Yoga, located on Thomas Jefferson St, is a great place to practice yoga if you don’t like hot yoga or you’re looking for a less traditional experience. With loads of different classes and times to choose from, you’ll easily find one that works into your class/work schedule. An additional perk is that you get a free week of unlimited yoga if you’re a new student at the studio!
  • Barre3: Barre3, located on Wisconsin Ave, is another non-traditional studio to try out while you’re testing exercise places in Georgetown. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, Barre3’s method “evolves the dancer’s workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates.”

Whatever your workout preferences may be, Vox encourages you to exercise to maintain both your physical and mental health while Georgetown. At times it will seem impossible to take time out of a busy day to exercise, but Vox bets that you will be more productive and feel immensely better if you do.

Editor’s Note: I have no way of verifying any of this any of this information because I have never exercised. —C.J.

Photo: Sancho McCann via Flickr

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  1. No need to actually enter Yates. If you make it up the hill, you’re probably in shape.

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