Comments of the Week: Trolling 101, thanks for playing

Vox knows that there hasn’t been a Comments of the Week in a while. Though worry not, kind commenters, your struggles to compose the perfect troll comment that’s both ever so racist and delightfully witty haven’t gone unnoticed. Last week, Vox saw a visit by President Barack Obama to campus and the sad-but-expected news that Otto Porter Jr. has been drafted into the NBA. Here’s the best of what you could come up with.

GFK has low standards for what counts as “in shape,” though it’s decidedly better than Vox‘s nonexistent exercise standard.

No need to actually enter Yates. If you make it up the hill, you’re probably in shape.

A few people got all hot and bothered over Samer Shehata alleging University misconduct in his tenure-denial case. Macreo set off the stream of trolling by saying this:

I wouldn’t call working in Oklahoma “landing on your feet”

Other commenters wondered why we even have Arab Studies at all. (Who needs to know about Arabic people anyway?) This, by mandinka:

How can this even be called a discipline?? Its just as ridiculous as Black and women studies. These are throw away courses and a University should be prevented from offering them in the 1st place because they have no place in the job market. Why not offer finger painting and lawn mowing its just as rigorous as Moooslim/Arab studies

Which other commenters took offense to. JJG offered:

^hey. finger painting is fucking awesome.

And Mandinkaisanidiot thought Mandinka is an idiot:

Macreo, you too. Oklahoma has great departments, and learning is learning, regardless of where that’s happening.

Mandinka, you’re just an idiot. We should all have cried a little the day Georgetown accepted you. Shame on you, you fucking
racist asshole.

Kent Brockman had to break the news to him.

^Apparently we need a class on spotting trolls

Vox thought that was what Reddit is for. Also calling it “Moooslim studies” was kind of a dead giveaway.

Benjamin Gates thinks that it’s imperative that Congress doesn’t double our rates.

Doubling student loan rates… truly a blow to Hoyas everywhere. Do you think I spent my 1% of the ten billion dollar treasure I found on a Ferrari like my dear friend Riley? No. I spent it paying off the mountains of debt I accrued pursuing my American History degree at Georgetown oh so many years ago. While I’m lucky enough to have a family history in treasure hunting, not every Hoya can expect to pay off their loans with gold smuggled on Colonial ships into America by the Knights Templar.

Finally, look! Praise! From Reader:

This is a really, really good review.

Read the really, really good review here.

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