Now we know why Hoya Court is getting new restaurants

Students wait in line for the vaccine in Leavey

Earlier this summer, the University announced via email blast that the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway which previously graced Hoya Court would be replaced by Elevation Burger, Salad Creations, and a “new and better” Subway.

Now we know why: the previous owner of the grease purveyors failed to pay $500,000 in sales taxes and had his business licenses revoked yesterday after “numerous attempts” by the Office of Tax and Revenue to collect the tax. Along with the Leavey Center establishments, Yasmin Parveen owned a Dunkin Donuts and four other Subway restaurants across the city, all of which were closed.

Hoya Court is closed for renovations until August so that the new dining options can come into place. According to Associate VP for University Services Debbie Morey, the administration could tell from a variety of forms of feedback that students were dissatisfied with existing Hoya Court options. “And we could tell from the sales they just weren’t working,” Morey said.

Elevation Burger and Salad Creations were chosen because some bigger-name options like Five Guys don’t necessarily like to set up on college campuses, where the volume of business fluctuates as students leave for break.  The two restaurants were also chosen due to their emphasis on sustainability and their healthy and organic options, which students said they valued.

The Subway will remain, though under new ownership, and will comply with updated corporate guidelines that the old Subway reportedly did not. While Hoya Court will get a fresh coat of paint, the wobbly chairs and tables won’t be replaced this year because the space is used by student groups and the construction of the New South Student Center puts space at a premium, among other reasons.

In all, it looks like the University picked a good time to kick out the old vendor.

File photo: Hilary Nakasone/Georgetown Voice

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