Prefrosh Preview: Student government… to care or not to care?

When incoming freshmen arrive on campus, they immediately become familiar with the gumption of student advocacy on campus.  At the only available epicenter of this universe of hastily generated fliers and starry-eyed, clipboard-toting activists in Red Square stands the Georgetown University Student Association, also known as GUSA, commonly known as “goosa.”

At a university where a sizable percentage of the population is convinced that they will one day be the president of the United States, the lucky few who win a seat on the Senate take their job very, very seriously.  However, despite the enthusiasm of the senators themselves, questions such as “What is GUSA?”,  “What does GUSA actually do?” and “If GUSA passes a bill and no one is around to care, does it still not matter?” remain hotly debated and eternally amusing topics of discussion on campus.

The fact remains that whether you are the next crusader who vows to “fix Leo’s” or simply find yourself a victim to campaign door-knocking,  as a student at Georgetown you will encounter GUSA in one way or another. Under the leadership and rippling pectorals of President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14), GUSA exists as a valuable resource for student life at Georgetown.

In order to take full advantage of GUSA’s presence on campus the best advice Vox can give you is to stay informed. Follow GUSA on Twitter, like them on Facebook, visit the new GUSA website, ect… In addition to the usual social media outlets, Vox chronicles the weekly escapades of the Senate in her GUSA RoundupVox won’t deny that many of the issues that GUSA debates and passes legislation on are occasionally outright ridiculous (their Twitter was established via an Act of the Senate), however GUSA has seen many important successes, among them the implementation of the Clear and Convincing policy and the lift of the campus keg limit last spring.

For those of you who are especially eager, don’t hesitate to get involved! If, like most mortals, you are intimidated by the effortless sex appeal and student government savvy of Nate Tisa, keep in mind that even he was once a freshman. Even if the prospect of an election is too daunting, don’t hesitate to contact GUSA senators with ideas and concerns, they love to hear from other students and are more than happy to work with their fellow students to transform life Georgetown from functioning chaos to something we can be proud of.

Editor’s Note: The “A” stands for association, not organization.

13 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: Student government… to care or not to care?

  1. GUSA stands for the Georgetown University Student Association

  2. Let’s go easy on Nate’s ego. If it gets any bigger, it’ll be rivaling those “rippling pecs.”

  3. On-campus mascot => care/maintenance => increased expenditures => increased tuition.

    Tim, why do you want to drop thousands of dollars of debt on already struggling Georgetown students?

  4. Who the hell pronounces in Goosa? And I thought Vox couldn’t sink any lower with their reporting standards.

  5. 3.5 hours since “Spell Check” noticed a big typo in this article and it hasn’t been changed….

    And yeah, the Goosa thing is cute, but the article doesn’t even provide the real pronunciation. That’s gotta be a little confusing for freshman.

  6. @C’mon now

    Yeah we wouldn’t want the new students going around saying “Goosa” instead of “GUSA.” That would be a disaster. They’d look like idiots.

  7. @Spell Check

    But wouldn’t you rather have GUSO? Fixed.

  8. to answer the question in the title:


  9. Can we also just talk for a second about how the “clear and convincing” policy (which really differs from the “more likely than not” in semantics and publicity only- if Todd Olson wants to screw you, he’s going to screw you whether he’s clearly convinced or not) doesn’t apply to incidents that occur off-campus where the neighbors can see/hear you. You’ll learn quickly, prefrosh, that off-campus is basically the Guantanamo of the Georgetown community.

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  11. @GFK,

    (1) All the funding for Jack comes from donors to the “Jack Fund.” As Fr. Steck explained in his letter to the Hoya, the University doesn’t provide funding for Jack, so none of it comes through tuition.

    (2) Even if student tuition did cover Jack, I’m sure it would cost no more than a few dollars per student. Keep in mind, there are over 6,000 of you. It’s not like you personally would get saddled with every expense.

    (3) Jack was there all four years I was in school, and everyone loved him. If someone told me I had to pay an extra $20/yr. to have an on-campus mascot, I would happily do it.

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