Construction of new Hoya Court eateries delayed

Today, Associate Vice President and Chief Business Officer of University Services Debby Morey announced via email that the construction of new dining options in Hoya Court has been delayed until mid-October. To make up for the delay, University Services has promised temporary food services in Hoya Court.

Construction began after the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway in Hoya Court were closed due to the owner’s failure to pay $500,000 in sales taxes on the businesses. The University announced that an Elevation Burger, a Salad Creations, and a “new and better” Subway would replace the old restaurants and bring some refreshing service to Hoya Court.

Unfortunately, these new options will not be available by the start of the school year. In fact, they aren’t even expected to finish until mid-October. In the meantime, University Services has several temporary solutions.

Hoya Court will have an Einstein Bagels kiosk and a “hot food station” amid the construction taking place there. Additionally, the Leavey Center Grab & Go has moved across the hall, allowing a “temporary Subway” to take its place. The other shops in the Leavey Center will operate normally.

Finally, University Services promised food trucks on “most days” during lunch in Lot G, which is apparently behind the New Research Building, and reminded the student body that Epicurean will operate for 24 hours a day, with the exception of Sunday nights to Monday mornings.

File photo: Hilary Nakasone/Georgetown Voice

2 Comments on “Construction of new Hoya Court eateries delayed

  1. Georgetown: Hiding incompetence behind Potemkin village-like appeasement since 1789.

  2. What’s the Latin phrase for “don’t worry; we’ll give you food trucks?” Because Georgetown should add that to its seal.

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