Student forum discusses future campus pub with manager

Last Wednesday, a student forum for the Healey Family Student Pub was held. Fourteen students and Fritz Brogan (COL ’07), owner of Mason Inn and future HFSP manager, were in attendance.

The pub is projected for completion in August 2014. Brogan, a 2007 Georgetown graduate, expressed excitement for collaborating on a pub “by students for students.”

GUSA live-tweeted the event, detailing discussions on plans for the pub’s interior. Brogan proposed wood, stone, and brick material along with GU relics, such as old trophies, alumni pictures, and photos of the former Healy Pub closed in the 1994-1995 school year. Multiple draft beer towers and televisions are also part of the plan. Brogan hopes the pub will be the GU sport-viewing hub and plans to work with Hoya Blue to organize pre and post-games.

As for the particulars, the pub will be open seven days a week, serving beer, wine, and alcohol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The weekend closing hours will be in accordance with District law: 3-4 a.m. Prices will match those found at bars near campus, and GOCards will be accepted. FlexDollars for alcohol, unfortunately, is a no-go. The space will hold 120 patrons seated and 200 standing.

The pub will allow customers over the age of 18, but whether or not 18 and older will occur every night remains to be seen. Discussion on how to regulate underage patrons ensued, with suggestions of wristbands and stamps.

Brogan envisions HFSP following the “Chipotle model,” where patrons order and receive their food at a counter. He hopes to employ as many GU students as possible, adding that hiring will commence 60-90 days before the pub’s opening.

The pub will also have a dance floor and connecting patio, where alcoholic drinks are allowed. Patio dimensions are currently undetermined. Brogan expressed much support for having student artists and bands perform at the pub/patio.

Discussions on the pub’s name constituted a portion of the forum. According to GUSA’s live tweets, one student suggestion was “The Clock Tower.” Brogan advocated for “Stonewall’s,” explaining his desire for a timeless moniker. He hopes it will be something that lasts forever.

5 Comments on “Student forum discusses future campus pub with manager

  1. It would be my dream to have a bar named Stonewall’s on Georgetown’s campus…but probably for a different reason than Fritz Brogan’s.

  2. @AVK

    Are you part of Georgetown’s gay agenda? I hear its irrepressible and well-trained.

  3. Yes, in fact our GUSA administration drew criticism from the Cardinal Newman Society due to our policy of mandatory homosexuality for all students.

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