Extended deadline: What would you tell the freshmen?

lampshade headDo you ever think to yourself, “Damn, two years ago, I was an idiot”?

Like many people, I do often. So the Voice thought, “What if we assembled everyone’s stories in an attempt to get the freshman class to avoid some common pitfalls?”

And so we look to you, dear reader, to help us broaden our perspective on exactly how one can fuck up during freshman year. Voice staffers along with several contributors are writing a series of short essays on mistakes they made during their freshman year and what they learned from it.

Use the submission after the jump to share your own story. Essays can be as short as 200 words or as long as 600 words. The deadline for submissions is tomorrow at 8 p.m friday at noon.

Direct questions and email submissions to features@georgetownvoice.com. Any topic or experience is welcome, though we ask contributors not ask to remain anonymous unless absolutely necessary. 

Note that all submissions become the exclusive property of the Georgetown Voice, which reserves the right to edit for clarity and length.

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