Get your pie on: free pie in the District this week

For those of you who will be back in D.C. this week, a group called “Pie It Forward” will be handing out free pie this week. This event is just in time for anyone who hopes to allocate budgeted money towards something more, well, enjoyable.

According to the Washington Post, the group will be stationed near the Chinatown Metro Station on Wednesday at 6 p.m. and close to the rally for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on Saturday.

D.C. is the 29th stop on their national tour. The group relies on donations of food, baking ingredients, gas, and “host kitchens” to bake the free goods and hand them out to anyone.

Here is the group’s “ManiFEASTo:”

I have a pie. I just baked it and I’m really proud of it. It looks delicious. But even though I bought the ingredients and baked it myself, I don’t really consider it “my” pie.

You see, I wasn’t born knowing how to bake pies – someone had to teach me. I didn’t make the pie out of my own apples or wheat or butter. Someone had to plant a tree, sow a field, milk a cow. Someone had to harvest the crops and process the milk. Someone had to transport the crops to a grocery store so I could buy them. And someone had to lay the roads and maintain the trucks and build the grocery store and operate the cash register. Someone had to install wires so I could have electricity in my house to see the ingredients and bake the pie.

So even though I put the final product together, untold millions of people have helped to make this pie possible. That’s why I’m happy to share it with ANYONE who has less pie or no pie. And all I ask in return is that if I’m sharing the pie I made with you, please try to learn how to bake pies yourself, so that someday you too may share pie with someone who has less.

Photo: Andrew Storms via Flickr

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