Documentary to investigate District Taxi Cabs (yes, they’re that bad)

The D.C. taxi system, famous for its many dysfunctions, is about to go through many reforms. That caught the attention of a documentary filmmaker, according to the DCist, so yes, that means that this cab system has become so notorious a documentary will be made about it.

The director and producer, Julie Espinosa, hopes to shed light on the mystery that is the D.C. Taxicab Commission and the politics surrounding it, focusing on the reforms that are set to occur, such as the transition into the use of smartphone apps like Uber and the use of credit cards.

Vox is seriously hoping she sheds light on the reasons why some cars are pink or burnt orange while others are green, silver, or even yellow. But the District has finally chosen a uniform color scheme (red with a grey stripe), so this issue may be one of the past.

For freshman new to the District, these taxicab drivers are notorious for a wide range of problems, from driving terribly (even worse than Vox‘s) to being just plain rude. There is even an entire web site called DC Cabs Suck dedicated to the subject.

Here is a teaser for the documentary:

Vox can’t wait to see what Espinosa discovers about the mysterious Commission.

Photo: Wayan Vota via Flickr

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