This Week in the Voice: The sailing team gets some love

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 12.54.58 PMIn this week’s feature, Chris Castano looks into what it takes to be on the Georgetown sailing team. It’s harder, and more rewarding, than you might think.

Despite a general lack of knowledge about college sailing, people seem quick to write the sport off as minor—or worse, boring. On the contrary, Georgetown’s sailing team has proven to be one of the University’s most successful varsity sports programs of the last decade, having secured the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association/Gill National Championship twice, including last year, and having placed five times in the last nine years. And what’s more, the high physical risk sailors face in what turns out to be an extremely dangerous sport challenges anyone who thinks of sailing as a leisurely activity.

Claire Zeng looks at the university’s plan to include alcohol amnesty in its sexual assault policy in news.

Annamarie White comments on the new restaurant and bar on 9th Street, Baby Wale, for leisure.

In sports Abby Green reports on the hopeful start of the season for Georgetown’s tennis team, highlighting the promise shown by freshmen additions to the team.

Jeremy Dang explains how an internship at Texas Defender Service changed his perspective on the death penalty, convincing a relatively apolitical student to take a strong stand against the practice in Voices.

The Editorial Board criticizes Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson for failing to explain changes to the 2013-2014 Code of Student Conduct in a vague email sent out last week.

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  1. Okay, how did you write an entire article about Nick Troiano and fail to mention that he’s a Georgetown Grad? For the love of GUSA, he has his own Vox Tag.

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