Beloved gelato shop Dolcezza to close Georgetown location

The Georgetown neighborhood is well known for the vast array of sweet shops dotting every block, but beware, dessert lovers, it may soon be short of one. Dolcezza, a fixture in the area since 2003 and one of the best gelaterias in DC, is allegedly closing their Georgetown location.

Dolcezza recently announced that they are relocating their home base to a 4,000 square-foot warehouse near Union Market at 550 Penn St. NE.

For the last ten years, all of the store’s gelato has been produced in the basement of the Georgetown shop. But now that the once-small company has expanded to four stores and five farmers’ markets, they require a larger footprint. The new factory will house a gelato tasting room, a coffee lab, a bar, and a coffee training station available for rental for special events.

Dolcezza’s Georgetown store currently has a large for-sale/lease sign in the window. Its imminent closure is further confirmed by The Georgetown Metropolitian, which reported that, “Once the store moves out the production equipment in a few months, the store would likely close.”

Alas, the gelato-deprived people of Georgetown will have to settle for the 5,000 other dessert hubs within spitting distance.

h/t The Georgetown Metropolitan

Photo: roboppy via Flickr

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