This Week in the Voice: Arts and crafts and politics, oh my

the creative approach coverThis week’s feature focuses on classes at Georgetown that are a hybrid between traditional disciplines and artistic approaches. 

According to professors from a range of disciplines from Philosophy to Politics, perhaps it’s time to restructure how Georgetown teaches. It seems the way forward is fostering a more creative approach to education. Art, in the form of performance, painting and sculpture, or design, has the potential to push our minds to see even the most classic issues in a radically different light.

In News, we report on the University’s difficulty in meeting the deadlines set forth by the 2010 Campus Plan.

Leisure reviews Le Diplomate, a French restaurant that can be found on 14th St.

Sports tees off with the golf team as it enters the fall season.

In Voices, Juan Goncalvez examines Chile’s political climate in light of the 40th anniversary of the coup d’etat that put dictator Augusto Pinochet in power.

The Editorial Board takes a stance on the significance of the satellite dorm, pushing for students’ voices to be a substantial part of the decision-making process.

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