Men’s basketball has possible deal to continue rivalry with Syracuse


Last year, on the final day of the Hoyas’ regular season, we all gathered at the Phonebooth for what we believed to be the final matchup against our longtime rival from upstate New York. Of course, the final meeting of the year between the two teams ended being up in the Big East tournament, but regardless, the Orange have no place on this year’s men’s basketball schedule.

In news that is welcome to Georgetown and Syracuse fans alike, sources report that the schools are nearing an agreement that would make sure that the teams play each year for the next ten seasons. This arrangement would involve a home and home series in which the teams would alternate between match-ups at the Verizon Center and the Carrier Dome each year. So, members of the Class of 2016 and below would be guaranteed to see at least one Syracuse game here in D.C.

This isn’t just wishful thinking and rumor. Sources say that this offer has been signed by Syracuse and is pending approval from the Georgetown Athletic Department. In a conversation with the Post-Standard, Syracuse Athletic Director Daryl Gross said, ”I know Lee [Reed] really wants to do it. It’s obviously a great rivalry. Those are games that should be played. They just need to figure out their scheduling and their conference.”

When talking to ESPN, Syracuse basketball Head Coach Jim Boeheim seemed particularly optimistic about the prospects of sustaining the rivalry, saying, “We will definitely play them, no question about that.” The Georgetown Athletic Department declined to comment on the issue.

Conference realignment has been sweeping through college athletics, since teams are switching to new conferences in order to pursue more lucrative football media deals, which is the dominant moneymaker in NCAA sports. Basketball is a distant second, and all other sports usually lose money for universities. Because of this, Syracuse moved all athletics to the Atlantic Coast Conference to expand on their football profits.

Georgetown, of course, did not have this opportunity because of our inferior non-scholarship football program. We joined a new conference that would adopt the Big East name and contained only schools without Division I football programs, retaining teams like Marquette and Villanova, while adding programs such as Butler and Creighton. While this new conference has a number of exciting games on the schedule, it lacks many of the high profile match-ups that the old Big East brought each week. The most noteworthy absence was without a doubt the lack of a Georgetown-Syracuse match-up.

So there you have it. Beat ‘Cuse.

Photo: Miles Gavin Meng/Georgetown Voice

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