Comments of the Week: Dorms, dorms, and more dorms

Last week, Vox covered a whole lot of talking and talking about the potential satellite campus dorm thing, introduced a new podcast by the eloquent gentlemen of Voice sports, and poked fun at Syracuse’s new President, who’s a Georgetown alum.

Speaking of talking a lot about dorms, the commenters really had a lot to say about the satellite campus idea. SFS ’13 echoed the sentiments of many after reading quotes from Todd Olson and Stacy Kerr:

The quotes from administrators are horrifying.

“Even if most students don’t like the option, to be crass about it, most students don’t need to live there.” If this is how Todd Olson feels about students, then he doesn’t deserve the title of Vice President of Student Affairs.

And what a silly comment from Stacy Kerr. If the university forces students to live in a satellite dorm, that constitutes a satellite campus. Call a spade a spade instead of lying to students and saying that they’re “mistaken.” If that’s the best the Associate Vice President for Communications can do, then maybe she needs a new title too.

Stills, still reeling from the Steward coverage of last semester, tried his best to distract commenters from the discussion at hand.

Someone should let the administrators know that they should refrain from using the word “steward” if they don’t want people to make asinine comments like this one.

Over in the comment thread on the One Georgetown, One Campus campaign post, Patricia C raised an interesting point about the meaning and potential impact of student activism.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if students rallied around issues of broader scope and much more significant impact than a satellite campus? Like OPPOSING WAR WITH SYRIA or SOURCING T-SHIRTS FROM DECENT FACTORIES or DIVESTING FROM FOSSIL FUELS?! Bougie Georgetown students are upset about having to take a bus to class while others struggle to simply live- I get why this is somewhat important, but it is unfathomable to me how students can be so selfish. I’d love to see us mobilize around issues that affect others, too, not just ourselves.

Unfortunately for Patricia, Vox commenters can be brutal to people they disagree with (or, really, just people in general). Anonymous commended Patricia for her bravery.

So brave
such wow

Let’s all take a moment to support some Vox comment hating that no one will take issue with. In response to Mayor Vincent Gray‘s veto of the city’s living wage bill, LAWLAWLAWL told the Mayor off.

well fuck that guy

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