Gallery in Georgetown to feature art on Egypt’s upheavals

dig-outThe Alla Rogers Gallery at Canal Square is featuring the work of Egyptian-American artist Mona El-Bayoumi in an exhibition sponsored by Syra Arts, an organization dedicated to promoting contemporary Egyptian art in the United States.

Her exhibition, ‘Digging Out,’ exposes her feelings on Egypt’s current political upheaval. Her works reflect the many emotions—hope, anger, and optimism—that have filled her country in recent years. The multitude of colors she has chosen reflects the many different directions the Egyptian people have chosen for their country. According to Syra Arts, ‘Digging Out’ expresses El-Bayoumi’s reserved hope for Egypt to return to more peaceful and productive times.

El-Bayoumi was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and moved Michigan at the age of five to become one of the most prominent Egyptian-American artists in the country. Growing up in a politically active university town, she was readily informed of international issues.

“Growing up in a university town, I was exposed to many different struggles around the world, whether it was in Central America, South Africa, Palestine, Vietnam, Eritrea or right here in America,” El-Bayoumi said in an interview to Live Unchained last year. “My politically savvy parents always made the connections when they spoke publicly about injustice in general.”

As such, her designs became heavily influenced by her exposure of world affairs, in particular, from her travels in the Arab World as well as by 1960s American political culture. El-Bayoumi’s work, which frequently reflects artistically upon current affairs, has thus frequently attracted worldwide attention. Her work has been shown in places as diverse as Cairo, Paris, and Johannesburg.

The exhibition opens today, and will be showing until October 10. The Alla Rogers Gallery is located at 1054 31st Street NW.

Photo: Syra Arts

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