Comments of the Week: Vox doesn’t know what we’re yelling about

Last week, Vox got excited about the new satellite Ben’s Chili Bowl in Rosslyn, listened in when Frank McCourt (COL ’75) described his record-setting $100 million gift to Georgetown, and attended Warren Buffett‘s rad talk in Gaston Hall.

Eric took issue with Vox‘s description of the new Ben’s Chili Bowl as a “satellite” location that would go along nicely with any possible Georgetown housing in Rosslyn.

also why are you implying that the school has decided to build this theoretical satellite campus, and that they have decided to build it in Rosslyn when there were a number of other options proposed and nothing’s been settled?

If you keep talking about the satellite campus like it’s a done deal then that’s what it will become!

First of all, Vox is implying that the administration has made up its mind about the satellite campus proposal because that’s exactly what the administration itself has been implying. Second, Vox was being a little humorous. Chill out.

Eric took issue with Vox‘s language, but LAWLAWLAWL took issue with Eric himself.

fuck you Eric

Yeah, take that, Eric.

After Vox was maybe a little mean to McCourt, even in the face of his tremendous gift to Georgetown, justsayin jumped to the helpless billionaire’s defense.

A couple of pretty snarky lines in here for someone who just made the largest gift ever to your university. This gift will improve education for public policy students at georgetown, opportunities for their futures and more. I think we should all be saying thank you for Mr. McCourt’s extraordinary generosity.

Pop Punk Kid let justsayin know that this is Vox, after all.


You must be new around here.

anyone not in GPPI reminded Georgetown’s undergrads of the impending housing crisis and lack of budgeted money for new housing, but, hey, public policy is cool, too.

thanks Frank this really helps me?

7 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Vox doesn’t know what we’re yelling about

  1. interesting how this person “Pop Punk Kid” keeps making it into Ryan Greene’s comments of the week…

  2. @JJG: the comments are always from vox staff members.

    typical vox circle jerk

  3. Well it isn’t like the regular Vox commentariat all at one point worked for Vox. Because that would be pathetic…

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