Georgetown seal painted over for repairs

IMAG0005So what happens if you step on the seal now?

Update, 5:13 pm: More details from Robin Morey, vice president for Planning and Facilities Management: “The seal is being repaired due to normal ‘wear and tear’ and age. There was no specific event that caused damage to the mosaic tiles or grout. The process requires several coats of grout to make the necessary repairs. We anticipate the repairs to be complete mid next week.”

Update, 4:27 pm: According to an email from University Spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, “The mozaic tiles were popping due to movement in the entrance platform.  They are being repaired.”

Original Post: Earlier today, Voice Sports Editor Chris Almeida alerted Vox that Georgetown’s seal appears to have been painted over with some sort of plaster. The blue tiles still show through in some spots and you can still make out the seal’s oval underneath the paint. Vox isn’t sure why the subject of our banner image was concealed in this way, but it doesn’t make sense ahead of this weekend’s homecoming festivities.

Vox has put in several emails to University officials and will update this post when we find out more.




Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post had the headline “Georgetown seal inexplicably painted over ahead of homecoming.”

4 Comments on “Georgetown seal painted over for repairs

  1. Anyone who has seen the seal recently knows that some repairs were necessary. There was a big crack going down the middle. Hopefully, grout will do the trick.

  2. I think I know why: I was on campus recently and walked over the seal (well, skirted around it…although i graduated a long time ago old habits die hard) and I noticed it was in pretty bad shape…but notably so many of the pieces of the mosaic were lose…I bent down and realized you could lift whole pieces out of it! I wonder if they covered it up with a temporary sealant/paint to stop people from taking pieces as momentos. Just a thought…

  3. ps…many pieces in the seal were missing already so I assume people have taken bits before…with a reunion coming up maybe they thought it best to cover it up.

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