PETA cages on Healy lawn, no naked women in sight

In another edition of “What’s on the lawn this week?”, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has brought its newest campaign to East Coast college campuses, pitching their tent—literally—on our front yard. PETA’s youth division, peta2, installed an imitation factory farm in the middle of Healy Lawn on Tuesday and Wednesday in an effort to increase Georgetown students’ awareness to the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

The tent houses an exhibition to familiarize students with the manner in which farm animals are treated.

Students walked through a 20-by-30 foot tent that housed an interactive exhibit in which they could read about animals’ capacity to feel pain, view a video exposé of the meat industry, and confine themselves to sow gestation crates—metal enclosures small enough to prevent pregnant pigs from even turning around.

A sign outside the tent reads: “Pigs are smarter than young children.” When asked about the fact’s source, two different representatives both directed Vox to Google. The PETA representatives’ intensive research and thorough understanding of this veggie-promoting fact holds implications for how their intended audience should make food choices. Accordingly, the public should take a note from Jonathan Swift and eat dumb toddlers as an alternative.

At the end of the exhibit, demonstrating a true understanding of how college kids work, peta2 members provided students with free vegan cookies and vegetarian/vegan starter kits that included “cruelty-free” recipes. None of the peta2 members at the on-campus event could provide an estimate of the proportion of students who attended the exhibit.

An intern offered head-shaking visitors a thought to mull over before making any judgments: “Sensationalism sells.”

Additional reporting by Raphaella Baek.

Photo: Arturo de Albornoz via Flickr 

9 Comments on “PETA cages on Healy lawn, no naked women in sight

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  2. Did you actually go in this display? I did, and left with a totally different impression. Contrary to much of what PETA does to get attention, this display seemed based entirely on scientific facts and a just argument for compassion towards animals. I thought it was very well done and professional, which was surprising.

    Seems clear to me that the writer had an axe to grind before even starting on this piece, and was determined to discredit PETA even when they didn’t deserve it.

  3. I think that the article wasn’t discrediting PETA, but provoking thought about their actual aim for the exhibit. I agree with the author…how can they expect people to buy into their campaign for animal rights when their exhibitions are so extremist that people miss the message completely? I think the jump from livestock to cannibalism is a bit extreme, even for them.

  4. ya we only let these idiots come so they’ll bring naked girls and then they don’t even bring any…this is bullshit i’m gonna go eat 57 chicken madnesses just to stick it to them

  5. “Accordingly, the public should take a note from Jonathan Swift and eat dumb toddlers as an alternative.”

    I love Leo’s meatloaf!

  6. if you use veggetarian steak sauce on your meat chops it makes them guilt free

  7. You use the same paragraph twice, and reference a mysterious individual named “Soper” in the last paragraph without ever introducing him/her/it before.

  8. Eat 57 chickens! Hah! Forget compassion for the animals, how about compassion for your body. You are gonna be soooooo constipated.

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