The meh heard round the world: Northeast Triangle has slightly updated design

NE Triangle ForumOn Tuesday evening, the principal architects of the Northeast Triangle Dorm from Sasaki Associates held an interactive forum in Sellinger Lounge. The meeting gave students the opportunity to raise concerns and get answers about the planned residence hall.

Despite many Hoyas’ concerns that the new dorm will be as aesthetically pleasing as Lau’s and Reiss’ secret lovechild, Vinicius Gorgati of Sasaki explained that the building’s look is meant to bring a new style of architecture to campus, because Brutalism was such a hit. Because the dorm is expected to house various Living and Learning Communities, he believes a sense of social and intellectual engagement can be achieved if the building plan is “generous and open to the community as a whole.”

The forum provided a comprehensive outline of the interior floor plans for all 8.5 levels of the residence hall. On the first floor, there will be a multipurpose room for conducting student functions, a bike storage facility, a social lounge, a larger work room, and numerous smaller study rooms. “[The design] ensures not only a residential experience but an engaging living and learning experience,” Gorgati said, digging further into his bag of housing buzzwords.

Nestled between the first and second levels is the mezzanine with multiple study rooms, serving as a quiet space removed from the commotion of the floor below. The second floor houses both the patio and the community laundry room, which will actually have windows and hopefully not become a filthy basement area.

The remaining levels are all similar to each other. Each floor contains a separate lounge and kitchen space, and the majority of bedrooms are semi-suites with six beds to a sink, toilet, and shower.

Exclusive to the seventh floor is a group work room that opens up onto a terrace with a view of the quad below as well as a small contemplative room for those in need of a some rest or meditation. Although the roof of the building is completely green, students will not have access to it.

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olsen concluded the gathering with high hopes for the dorm’s future. “[The dorm] will create a common space opportunity that is stronger and broader than what we have in most of our residence halls today,” he said.

Vox will keep her eye out for any new developments to see if this holds true.

Photo: Marla Abdilla/Georgetown Voice

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