This Week in the Voice: Adjunct professors and condoms for all

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.30.56 PMIn this week’s feature, News Editor Lucia He looks into the problems associated with a growing number of adjunct professors and the shrinking number of full-time professors.

Kerry Danner-McDonald, an adjunct professor in the Theology department, agrees, and adds that time constraints also limit the chances for adjuncts to conduct their own research. “A full-time professor normally gets a research budget. The University will pay for them to travel to academic conferences. They usually teach one or two classes a semester and so they’re also paid and expected to be researching for the college,” she said. “What happens with the adjunct staff [is that] if you’re getting paid so little, you have to work more classes, so you don’t have time to keep up your publications because it is like you’re working multiple jobs.”

News reports that H*yas for Choice is offering a new condom delivery service to help make condoms more available at parties.

Leisure gives a sneak peak into Mask & Bauble’s new production, Don’t Drink the Water, Woody Allen’s 1966 play set during the Cold War.

For this week’s Sports section, Editor Chris Almeida discusses the negative impact a weak football program has on Georgetown in The Sports Sermon.

In Voices, Matthew Weinmann argues that the U.S. should look to develop a “working relationship” with Iran.

And lastly, the Ed Board applauds H*yas for Choice’s new condom service, saying this will promote safer sex and provide wider access to contraception for Georgetown students.

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