Comments of the Week: Eat the burger, meet the Vox commenter

Last week, Vox got busy with PETA, went crazy with excitement over yet another forum on the Northeast Triangle Dorm, and learned just what the hell’s going on with the endless fire alarms in the Southwest Quad.

Most of the week’s comments came after Vox‘s thoughts on the PETA activism in Georgetown. Alum didn’t like Vox‘s take on the animal rights extremists.

Did you actually go in this display? I did, and left with a totally different impression. Contrary to much of what PETA does to get attention, this display seemed based entirely on scientific facts and a just argument for compassion towards animals. I thought it was very well done and professional, which was surprising.

Seems clear to me that the writer had an axe to grind before even starting on this piece, and was determined to discredit PETA even when they didn’t deserve it.

Let the record show that Alum used an axe-grinding metaphor on a post about animal rights activism.

John, on the other hand, agreed with Vox that the PETA exhibits went beyond the thought-provoking kind of uncomfortable and entered the just weird kind of uncomfortable.

I think that the article wasn’t discrediting PETA, but provoking thought about their actual aim for the exhibit. I agree with the author…how can they expect people to buy into their campaign for animal rights when their exhibitions are so extremist that people miss the message completely? I think the jump from livestock to cannibalism is a bit extreme, even for them.

Jay Gruber just wants some damn chicken after all this animal cruelty talk.

ya we only let these idiots come so they’ll bring naked girls and then they don’t even bring any…this is bullshit i’m gonna go eat 57 chicken madnesses just to stick it to them

Over on Remix Your Weekend, IRUVPANDAS reminded us that, if there’s any animal Vox commenters will rally behind, it’s the panda.

look at its wittle cwaws
and its adowable nose

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