New mascot puppy set to arrive on campus this week

jack-with-hatAfter selecting the University’s new mascot in late August, the Bulldog Advisory Committee has finalized many of the puppy’s living arrangements and is ready to bring the bulldog to campus. The puppy arrives this week.

Paul O’Neill (COL ’86), one member of the BAC, said in a press conference that the new mascot’s official name is John B. Carroll. He also revealed several changes to the mascot’s lifestyle, among them a move from living in a dorm to living in a townhouse. Unlike J.J., who had little privacy and room for himself due to his living in a dorm, John Carroll will have his own townhouse, complete with an official caretaker.

O’Neill explained that a townhouse leaves the mascot with his own space and some time away from the public eye.

Additionally, the Jack Crew will be drastically reduced in size to about four or five students. “It’s possible that a dog can have too many masters,” O’Neill said. The Jack Crew will also receive more training on how to handle the dog.

The BAC has begun the application process for the mascot’s caretaker. According to the position description, the University will choose someone who “who loves dogs, is passionate about Georgetown University and will facilitate visibility of the bulldog mascot on campus.”

O’Neill said that the BAC is looking for a long-term commitment from the chosen caretaker, which he explained means around five years. Ideally, the new caretaker would take care of John Carroll for his entire life. The position is open to anyone and the BAC will accept applications for the position through Friday.

The BAC was formed this past summer in the wake of Georgetown’s decision to prematurely retire J.J. after he bit a child and the family threatened suit. To ensure that things go as smoothly as possible with the next mascot, the BAC has taken an active role in determining the new mascot’s training and living arrangements. The BAC has 12 members, 10 of whom are alumni or current students, and they include students as well as faculty and alums.

Given J.J.’s difficulty adjusting to the busy, crowded life at Georgetown, the new mascot’s training will focus on making him used to being around many strangers. “At home, so far, since he was born on June 30, [the new Jack] has been around dogs and horses and people … but he’s never been on a college campus,” O’Neill said during a press conference. “One of the things [the breeder] is going to do is just walk the dog around campus when the students are changing classes … and she’s going to get the dog used to seeing a lot of people.”

The new mascot was bred by Janice and Marcus Hochstetler, who professionally breed show bulldogs and also bred J.J. Because female bulldogs can have only a limited number of litters in their lifetime, Georgetown sprung at the chance to buy the only male puppy from J.J.’s mother’s last litter. According to O’Neill, this line of bulldogs has superb show qualities and has produced some gorgeous bulldogs.

Photo courtesy Georgetown University

2 Comments on “New mascot puppy set to arrive on campus this week

  1. Regardless of whether JJ could have adjusted to life on campus eventually, I still say screw that family that threatened suit. It’s a puppy. Get over it.

  2. Agreed, GC. I hope that family feels really crummy. Unless their kid’s finger fell off. But other than that, relax.

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