The Can Kicks Back rolls into Washington and demands debt change

Tin Can, Joshua Tree NP 4-13-13The Can Kicks Back campaign made a stop in Georgetown on Tuesday as part of its Generational Equity Tour. Co-founded by Georgetown alum Nick Troiano (COL ’12), The Can Kicks Back was formed to bring students together to fight against the national debt crisis and Congress’ tendency to kick the can of their future down the road with senseless continuing resolutions.

“We’re trying to build a constituency of young people and educate them, so we can show the politicians in Washington that the millennial generation does care,” Can Kicks Back Communications Manager Rachel Vierling said in an interview with Vox. “We do want to get involved. The status quo is unacceptable and they [Congress] need to start compromising and looking at the long-term future, not just short-term solutions.”

The Can Kicks back held a panel discussion on Tuesday night, featuring Troiano, Bloomberg News anchor Stephanie Ruhle, and GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14), among others.

Following Tuesday’s panel, The Can Kicks back will hold a rally on Thursday, during which they will gather at Capitol Hill and dump hundreds of cans. The cans will feature messages to congressmen from people who have supported The Can Kicks Back on its tour across the country. The group has nearly 1,500 cans in total, according to Field Organizer Tyler Gibson.

While The Can Kicks Back hopes for bi-partisan solutions to the national debt issue, at least one of its members is looking for cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

“Social Security and Medicare are great programs, but as they are run now they are not sustainable,” Can Kicks Back Research Associate Brandon Scott said, according to the Sun Sentinal.

While it’s not enough to make a claim about the entire group’s opinion on how to fix the national debt, until The Can Kicks Back itself offers more specific suggestions, Congress can always write it off as another group of whiny constituents with no ideas.

Photo: Don Graham via Flickr

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