Administration engages students on Northeast Triangle dorm… again


The most particular details of the Northeast Triangle dorm were released last week during a planning session between the dorm’s architects, administrators, and student leaders. The University has tried to take student body criticism of a lack of engagement to heart and has offered an exhaustive number of these “student engagement” planning sessions.

Last Thursday, the student body had another opportunity to find out what the University has already decided about the Northeast Triangle dorm.

At the session, posters with the layouts of all eight floors and artist renderings of the interior covered the walls. The majority of rooms are set to be suite style, accommodating four students in a unit with dressers, desks, and two bathrooms. The top seven floors will be residential while the bottom floor and its mezzanine will be open to anyone.

Architects are still trying to obtain building permits needed to break the hallowed ground across from Reiss. Despite the prolonged wait, representatives of the firm responsible for building seem optimistic that it will be ready for students to move in by the fall of 2015.

The representatives stressed the aesthetic style of the stone exterior and how it contrasts with large, glass windows surrounding study rooms. They make the building appear modern, yet compatible with the surrounding neo-gothic architecture. They¬†also asked that students give them feedback as to what they want in their dorms. There’s a wide range for potential input, from gigabit WiFi infrastructure to vending machines.

Architects plan on maximizing the dorm’s sustainability. Ideas for this include dimming hall lights late at night, potential installation of solar panels, and piping that minimizes unnecessary water usage.

Other features of this dorm include a roof terrace overlooking a grass strip. Students will be able to observe this ceiling lawn, but not touch it, because there’s nothing more thrilling than observing some nice sod from a ledge.

On the side of the dorm opposite from Reiss, there will be a tiered lawn where students will be able to relax. The laundry room will be on the second floor and will have a door opening to the lawn.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

2 Comments on “Administration engages students on Northeast Triangle dorm… again

  1. They make the building appear modern, yet compatible with the surrounding neo-gothic architecture.

    What “surrounding neo-gothic architecture” would that be? Reiss? Leavey? ICC? The Georgetown Visitation cemetery? The red brick back side of White Gravenor?

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