This Week in the Voice: Exorcising Georgetown’s Catholic angels and demons

Catholic enough coverIn this week’s feature, Claire Zeng offers a historical perspective on the development of the Catholic identity at Georgetown. While Manny Miranda and William Blatty believe Georgetown doesn’t deserve even to be called Catholic, many current students believe they have an integral role in Catholicism here.

Since its founding in 1789, Georgetown has undergone a transformation from small Catholic academy to global research university. Despite its rich history and tradition, Georgetown has struggled with the changes imposed on it through time—in fact, Blatty’s petition fits into nearly half a century of soul-searching by the University in response to contemporary challenges to Georgetown’s purported Catholic identity.

News reports on the change in student guard policy, which allows GUPD to monitor and review surveillance footage of every student guard on the job.

Leisure takes the fight against the man to space with a review of the Ender’s Game film.

Sports noted soccer player Ted Helfrich’s perfect winning streak since his junior year.

Isabel Echarte argues in Voices that white people should not be excluded from the Hispanic ethnic identity.

Finally, the Editorial Board criticized GUPD’s decision to monitor their student guards via camera.

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