Comments of the week: Welcome, New Overlordess

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Last week on Vox: the Queen of the Andals and the First Men seized control of the blog and subsequently forced her minions to report on the introduction of credit cards in D.C. cabs, a Georgetown senior’s nitrogen ice cream paradise, and Frank Gehry’s failure to make Eisenhower’s son happy.

When Overlordess Echarte rose from the depths of her to begin her rule, Nate Tisa finally took notice of Vox’s unrealized potential:

I’m terrified.

Vox shall now mercilessly unleash her reign of terror on GUSA and its upcoming presidential elections. Provided that she has enough staff writers to do so.

Nyooz, who can only be a member of the all-controlling Illuminati, even invited Vox to become part of the New World Order:


Our eagle-eyed readers continued to hate on Vox week after week, as g_bible aptly demonstrates:

hey Vox, copy edit much?

Now to more serious news. Something rare and wonderful happened on Vox last week: some readers took the opportunity to express some valuable commentary rather than fill the comment boxes with snark. Will praised the D.C. cabs article:

Vox gets angry comments when there’s a mistake in an article but never any love. This article was so well researched/written you should be commended

Last but not certainly not the least, Molly Helfrich Gribbin remembers the late Professor Wayne Knoll:

My future husband, D.J., and I met in Professor Knoll’s 1985 Short Story Novel class We both chose his class after friends strongly recommended him. He was energetic and loved the humanities, but specifically English as it drew them all together. A couple years later, after we had married and before kids, we bumped into him at the Kennedy Center. Before we knew it, Professor Knoll was treating us to a late night snack. What a treasured soul! We went on to have 7 children and that was the last time I remember visiting the Kennedy Center Roof Top Terrace post performance. I will read my first Faulkner book in his honor.

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