D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray announces he will seek re-election in 2014

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced Monday that he plans to run for a second term, making him one out of now eleven candidates.

Many of these candidates picked up ballot petitions for the April 1 Democratic primary simply because it seemed unlikely Gray would run, according to the Washington Post.

Gray’s decision ends speculation over whether the discovery of corruption in his 2010 campaign would keep him from running; however, this election will also shed light on that issue again.

In 2012, Gray knew that members of his staff had improperly reported funds raised for his 2010 campaign. Jeanne Clarke Harris, a public relations consultant told the mayor she had not reported all the expenditures from the campaign, and he told her to do so right away, according to CNN. Harris later pleaded guilty to helping organize a secret campaign for Gray. Since then, three other people affiliated with the campaign have plead guilty to felony charges.

Three members of the Washington council called for his resignation in 2012, saying he was still responsible for the fraud whether or not he knew about it.

Less than two weeks ago, Ronald C. Machen Jr., a D.C. federal prosecutor, publicly suggested that more charges are possible in an investigation into District political crime, beginning with the last mayoral campaign, according to the Post.

Gray said Monday that he did not want to hold himself to the prosecutor’s timetable. “We have 30 more days to get our petitions in, and I wanted to make sure I at least had that opportunity.”

Before Gray made his announcement, the conversations in the mayoral race surrounded public schools, housing, and job growth. Now attention has turned mostly to his 2010 campaign.

“Look, I’ve done the best job I could to address the 2010 campaign. I think I’ve put a lot to rest,” Gray said.

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