Update: Dean Lancaster’s condition improving after surgery

James Reardon-Anderson, currently the acting dean of the SFS, sent an email this evening saying SFS Dean Carol Lancaster‘s condition is “much improved” after she underwent surgery yesterday. President John DeGioia informed the Georgetown community last Tuesday that she would be “away from campus in the coming weeks,” as she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

According to Reardon-Anderson, Lancaster was suffering from a headache Monday morning, and her son took her to the Georgetown University Hospital, where a CT scan showed that she had internal bleeding from the tumor. She had a scheduled surgery for Friday, but because of the bleeding the surgeon suggested she go ahead with the operation.

Since the operation, she has been in the Intensive Care Unit with her son and husband.

“While still in the ICU, she is sitting up, alert, and showing signs of a successful recovery,” Reardon-Anderson said. “She is surrounded by family and friends and getting the best care possible.”

Photo: Ambika Ahuja/Georgetown Voice

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