Georgetown might actually see some snow Sunday

Update 3:30 pm Sunday: The snow has now turned into freezing rain. Vox, being from Florida, just figured out what that means (it’s very different than snow apparently), and she now hates winter again.

Update 12:18 pm Sunday: Vox saw snow beginning just before 8:30 a.m., and it was just beginning to stick. Now, according to personal measurements, the snow has accumulated to just over 1/4 inch. The snow is fantastic for throwing snowballs, and Vox is currently trying to find someone to play in the snow with her.

Update 6:20 pm Saturday: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Sunday morning lasting until Monday morning.

Original Post: That little snowflake showing up for Sunday in your phone’s weather app might actually be right this week. Instead of waking up with the disappointment of cold, rainy weather and an inability to get out of bed, this Sunday you might be able to play in about an inch of snow, well, that has a 45 percent chance of happening. There is also a 10 percent chance that it will snow more than 4 inches.

The D.C. Snow Team is even being deployed Sunday, according to an email from the Department of Public Works. Unfortunately, classes are over (and it’s a Sunday), so there’s no hope of class cancellations. As of now, it appears Lau will be open, so studying is sadly still an option for those of you who won’t be playing in the first “big” snowstorm of the season for D.C.

According to the Washington Post, models are predicting that precipitation will begin Sunday late morning as snow and/or sleet until the afternoon. Sleet and freezing rain are likely in the evening.

So it looks like Georgetown won’t transform into a winter wonderland, but it’ll be enough that you should probably plan to get any errands done Saturday. DPW advised that people avoid traveling on Sunday.

Vox has her fingers crossed that somehow this snow continues for the next two weeks so that exams will be cancelled.

Photo: Georgetown University via Flickr

One Comment on “Georgetown might actually see some snow Sunday

  1. Hoping Vox pulls an a la Sparklecakes Jones and goes to actually measure the amount of snow accumulated.

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