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Last week, Vox reported on D.C.’s legally sanctioned murders of adorable deer, ANC’s approval of a Georgetown Metro stop, weekly jazz shows at Dukem, several basketball games, a professor’s dolphin research turned into children’s book, and sexist subway ads.

After seeing plans for a Metro stop at Georgetown stagnate for over 50 years, Jerry Garcia observes that our stubborn (and wealthy) neighbors are singlehandedly pushing this great nation into irreversible decline:

It took us 16 years after the launch of Sputnik by the USSR to put a man on the moon. Apparently, digging a hole takes 11 years longer than developing a life-sustaining hermetically-sealed tube capable of escaping Earth’s gravity, launching itself from Earth’s orbit toward the moon, landing, counteracting the moon’s gravity, avoiding burning up upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere, and splashing down in an ocean with no casualties.

Bottom line: we need another Cold War to escape the modern stagnation of the American work ethic and government inefficiency.

Meanwhile, sry I’m not sry probably had a scarring experience in his or her childhood with D.C. restaurants, jazz music, and/or former editor-in-chief of the Voice Gavin Bade:

a random restaurant offering weekly jazz shows would only be news to Gavin Bade.

A random commenter offering his or her weekly doses of hate would, on the other hand, not be news to Vox.

Dinojack thinks that The many deer carcasses lying around D.C. might just be an alternative to Leo’s:

mmmmm, i lurvvee to eat deer

Some of last week’s most thoughtful comments came from Vox‘s observations about WMATA’s attitude to women, as Hypersensitive demonstrates:

Would it be sexist if it showed two guys and the second caption said “sports” or “the Redskins” instead of “shoes”? This does not worry me very much and I think the language in this article only reinforces the increasingly common problem of overemphasis on political correctness which forces (allows?) individuals to argue over semantics rather than offering and enacting real solutions to big problems.

In response, What? wrote that WMATA’s ad was indeed quite worrying.

The sports ad exists as well!

Finally, Vox shall now announce the winner of the ad photo caption contest. With just one entry, commenter(s) engaged in bitter competition for the top prize. Here is the winning caption in all its glory:

“bitch, u kno dat buses run liek 4032 miles before they brake down?”

“cant u just lick my pussy”

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