Vox will have reduced posting during finals

LaulaualaulaulaulaulaualauWell, finals have arrived. And that means that Vox will be posting less often and less regularly because yes, she has to do homework sometimes too.

She knows you’re just in total denial at this point, but don’t worry, Vox will still bring you all of the most important nyooz this campus and city have to offer. And blingees. Lots of blingees. Vox much prefers making blingees to writing a 10-page paper in another language.

Anyways, try to stay positive: you’re probably better off than this person. And try to resist the urge to procrastinate, since you’ll only be in Lau longer.

Vox can tell all of you probably aren’t going to follow this advice, since views and comments on this blog have skyrocketed beginning with study days. But if that’s how you’re going to procrastinate Vox doesn’t mind.

And don’t forget to check out Kenneth Lee’s list of places that aren’t Lau where you can study.

Speaking of, Vox should probably go and start studying for finals instead of linking to an absurd number of gifs.

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