Some news you might have missed while Vox was on break

McCourt gets more attention for his donation

Frank McCourt‘s donation of $100 million to Georgetown’s new school of public policy was named the 10th most charitable donation in 2013, tying with 6 others.

The list, made by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, was ranked by most money donated, with Mark Zuckerberg‘s $992.2 million to the Silicon Valley Community foundation taking the gold. Perhaps McCourt should have funded 8.923 more schools at Georgetown to grab the number one spot.

Georgetown early action acceptance letters went out

Breaking the hearts of exactly 5,779 students (or keeping them stressfully waiting), Georgetown sent out its early acceptance letters last month. The University accepted about 14 percent percent of the students who applied early admission, about the same as last year. If you can’t or don’t want to do math before the end of syllabus week, that’s a total of 6,734 students who applied and 955 who were accepted.¬†Vox used a calculator, so don’t bother double-checking all you nosy commenters.

The amount of those who applied was down slightly from the year before.

Students at Georgetown Qatar connect with students in Gaza

With the Student to Student Dialogue Program, students at Georgetown’s Qatar campus have been video chatting with Palestinian college students in Gaza. Junior Dana Qarout started the program so that she could understand the Palestinian issue at a human level, rather than trying to contribute to the peace process.

According to the Albawaba article, there is interesting in starting such a club at Georgetown.

Photo: Rul Hao Puah/Georgetown Voice

2 Comments on “Some news you might have missed while Vox was on break

  1. FYI: your admissions data is incorrect – the NYT page you linked to is from last year.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out- it’s been fixed. Apparently Vox forgot it’s 2014 now!

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