Georgetown adjunct professor suggests Obama be assassinated

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA officer and one of Georgetown’s adjunct professors for the Center for Peace and Security Studies, is infamous for his extreme rhetoric and ultra-conservative political opinions, but in one of his blog posts, he has said President Barack Obama should be assassinated.

At the conclusion of a post in which he calls Obama a tyrant, Scheuer asks his readers to remember the words of 17th century English republican Algernon Sidney in taking decisive, seemingly threatening action against Obama and his violation of “Anglo-American liberties:” “‘Every man might kill a tyrant; and no names are recorded in history with more honor, than of those who did it.”

Scheuer also implies that race is the reason why Obama has not been impeached or forced to stepped down like Richard Nixon. “That Eric Holder and Barack Obama have not been impeached, moreover, suggests that the impeachment provisions of the Constitution are a dead letter…or that they do not apply to Black Americans supported by such towering giants of fatuousness as Oprah Winfrey, Chris Matthews, Fareed Zakaria, Piers Morgan, and Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and their band of American-killing Viragos,” he said.

And days after publishing the post at an interview on Fox Buisness’ Lou Dobbs Tonight, Scheuer made a bold accusation against The New York Times, claiming they have been publishing their series on the Benghazi attacks in order to protect Hillary Clinton.

In a response to Dobbs’ question on the motives of the NYT, Scheuer said, “[Hillary] has blood on her arms up to her elbows for not being willing to protect the people who are representing us in Libya.” He then said “[She] killed those Americans and [the Times editors] have to kill that story or it is going to become mainstream for 2016.” Dobbs simply replied, “Strong words from Michael Scheuer.”

3 Comments on “Georgetown adjunct professor suggests Obama be assassinated

  1. This guy’s obviously a complete nutter and should shut his racist pie hole, but, to be fair, Piers Morgan IS a towering pillar of fatuousness.

  2. Did any of you “journalists” read what I wrote? Or do you just favor the liberty-killing and national-security wrecking tyranny Obama is introducing?


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