Adiós Qdoba, but is anybody really upset about it?

As some of you may already have heard through the grapevine, the Qdoba on 3303 M St, a Georgetown classic (or something), has closedfor good.

Yes, we are all incredibly heart-broken and lost without our half-priced Tuesdays, but it must be acknowledged that Qdoba is the ugly step-sister of the far superior Chipotle. It would be safe to assume that the sub-par burrito experience most likely contributed to its downfall.

The Georgetown Qdoba is certainly not the first to goaccording to Forbes, this past summer Jack in the Box Inc. made the decision to close 10 percent of its underperforming Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants by September 29, 2013. However, the company also said they will be replacing those closed Qdoba restaurants with approximately 60-70 new ones at different locations this year.

If for some reason you are still distressed about not having access to mediocre Mexican food (or are just feeling sentimental), there are sixteen other Qdoba restaurants around DC for you to explore (and feel dissatisfied with).

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6 Comments on “Adiós Qdoba, but is anybody really upset about it?

  1. What the hell, Vox? This article is the worst I have read in a long while.

    1. Qdoba half off Mondays (later relocated to Tuesdays) was a godsend in terms of budgeting/eating/not having to go all the way back to Burleith for hundreds of us. When it shut down I basically lost hundreds of dollars that I can’t afford to lose. Not to mention, I organized my entire week around it. Many people did.

    2. It was also the only time that, as an upperclassman without a meal plan, I was able to regularly get a large group of friends together to eat together. We don’t have Leo’s. We still had Qdoba. Now there is no food that is cheap/good enough to organize more than three people to go eat every week.

    3. The employees were great. Unlike chipotle employees which are generally rude and condescending, as well as incompetent, unsanitary and require 3 people to roll one burrito, the Qdoba employees were always happy to see me and very nice and polite. More than that. The manager recognized a lot of regulars and said hello to us and asked how we were doing and how was school, said Merry Christmas, etc. He made sure our orders were correct and didn’t card us. He was my friend and deserves better than this article’s mocking.

    4. Qdoba is much better than Chipotle. Does it taste better? No, of course not. But let’s talk variety – what does chipotle have? Burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, salads, chips. When you consider that their tacos are actually just smaller versions of their burritos, it’s all the same. Yeah, Qdoba is basically all the same stuff too, but they have quesadillas.

    5. Again, the loss of a half-off deal should not be something you’re “ambivalent” about. What kind of leer jet liberal elitist are you? Or are you just such a hipster you enjoy going to Chipotle on half off qdoba day? Well, now it’ll probably be extra crowded.

    6. Half off qdoba days were the “see and be seen” place for Georgetown students without meal plans. There are some acquaintanceships I had that were solely perpetuated by qdoba run-ins. They could have blossomed into real friendships. Now they are gone forever.

    7. I know the West Georgetown Chipotle is fine (except for their bullshit high stool seating which shouldn’t exist), but have you been to the Glover Park chipotle? Sometimes they run out of tortillas. How the fuck is that even possible. YOU HAVE ONE MENU ITEM (that anyone wants unless they’re atkins or paleo or something), AND THE TORTILLA IS THE MOST INTEGRAL PART OF IT. How do you run out?? This is the only reason anyone has ever ordered their damn tacos, which is just another name for abnormally small burrito that they probably made on accident. Qdoba never ran out of tortillas, even on half off day. And they worked really fast too.

    8. When Qdoba started its half off deal, Chipotle responded by just handing out free burritos one day, according to Vox’s archive. In other words, without the competition, watch your precious M street chipotle turn into the shittiness of the Glover Park one. Also, when Qdoba moved the deal day to Tuesday, eat n joy expanded its half off day to 2 days a week. That’s huge. Watch it disappear. Even a card carrying communist would appreciate how competition was such a benefit to students, faculty and staff here.

    9. It’s not mediocre “Mexican food” it’s great qdoba food. Qdoba/chipotle/surfside are a different genre than actual Mexican food. That’s like comparing a hamburger to a steak. Everyone knows this.

    10. Qdoba doesn’t assault you with weirdly wavy text essays on its cups like Chipotle. Chipotle is full of itself. I don’t want to read your bullshit self-praise, Chipotle! I just want to be refreshed by a cold beverage, that should be free with my student ID and isn’t because you aren’t Qdoba.

    I could go on.

    In conclusion, this article is offensive and I demand an apology.

  2. If you’d like to write a post about it feel free to send an email to, and we’ll work something out. I mean, you’ve already got tons written down, so let us know!

  3. @doo$h i like how you call her a “leer jet liberal elitist” when you say you “basically lost hundreds of dollars that I can’t afford to lose.” Srsly, if you can’t afford to eat out, don’t eat out––it’s not somehow a right for you to have half-off Qdoba, you elitist you!
    But for real, y u mad

    also ps “jeer” isn’t an adjective


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