This Week in the Voice: Grade inflation at Georgetown

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.04.00 AMIn this week’s feature, assistant news editor Lara Fishbane investigates something all of us students hold close to our hearts: grade inflation at Georgetown and across the country.

According to John Q. Pierce, University registrar and assistant provost, the percentage of students who earn honor degrees has been steadily increasing. In the graduating class of 2013, 64.35 percent of the students in the SFS, 56.23 percent of the students in the College, 58.79 percent of students in the NHS, and 38.51 percent of the students in the MSB graduated with honors.

News discusses Ted Moran‘s dismissal from the U.S. National Intelligence Council due to accusations of a conflict of interest.

In Leisure, Elizabeth Baker finds the play A Mouthful of Birds gives viewers “something to chew on.”

Sports Editor Chris Almeida finds that he’s not too upset at basketball’s disappointing season.

In Voices, Chandini Jha reflects on Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

The Editorial Board argues that unemployment benefits should be extended.

And finally, Page 13 looks into some Hoyas’ New Year resolutions.

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