What would Kanye say: This week’s movie releases

Vox previews some of this weekend’s opening films using Kanye’s always humble quotes.

Devil’s Due

Even when planned, pregnancy is scary, and this film takes that scary to the next level. As a newly-wedded couple struggles through the prenatal months, the husband realizes his wife is giving birth to the Anti-Christ. The complications with this pregnancy just became somewhat more serious.

Kanye’s take: “When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ everybody says ‘who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A god. I just told you. That’s who I think I am.”

Reasonable Doubt

In the moments after an automobile accident, everyone knows there is that one second where he or she is about to drive away, à la hit-and-run. But what if it was more than just a fender bender? What if someone died? And what if Samuel L. Jackson saw you drive away?

Kanye’s take: “For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.”

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine is a CIA operative. Keira Knightly. Looking sexy, Pine discovers Russian plot against America. Keira Knightly. Horrible attempts at Russian accent. Keira Knightly. Entire world is in danger. Keira Knightly. Explosions. Keira Knightly.

Kanye’s take: “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.”

Ride Along

How far would you go to prove yourself as worthy marriage material? Would you go on patrol with your fiance’s cop brother? Maybe. What if you were a short, generally useless security guard? Probably not. What if you were in Atlanta? Hell no. But Kevin Hart does exactly that in Ride Along, starring Ice Cube as a cop.

Kanye’s take: “I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”

The Nut Job

Will Arnett is a squirrel.

Kanye’s take: “If I were to write my title like going through the airport and you have to put down what you do? I would literally write ‘creative genius’ except for two reasons: Sometimes it takes too long to write that and sometimes I spell the word ‘genius’ wrong. The irony.”

Photo: NRK P3 via Flickr

2 Comments on “What would Kanye say: This week’s movie releases

  1. This is so random and bizarre in the most wonderful way possible.

  2. This is the first Vox post in a long time that made me LOL out loud

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