Comments of the Week: A whole truckload of shenanigans

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Last week, Vox covered some D.C. governance shenanigans, some free speech in a Catholic university shenanigans, some mayoral election shenanigans, some GUSA Senate shenanigans, the last of which turned out to be some student-government-institutional-integrity-is-going-to-die shenanigans.

Fareed lectured another commenter, DR, about free speech on a Catholic campus:

I disagree with your ethic of institutional change, DR. For one, private universities have a chimeric identity in that they are private institutions acting in the public interest and taking public money. That public aspect is, by the way, why Georgetown must abide by D.C. anti-discrimination law in recognizing GU Pride.

Anyway, Georgetown is first and foremost a prestigious university, and that’s how it markets itself. We should be able work for progressive change within that institution, just as others are working for change within the Church.

More to the point, though, I don’t think that student activity money should be controlled by the administration. The fee is a separate levy and should be under the control of GUSA.

Wait. Hold up. Shut the front door. Should we let GUSA handle students’ money? After all, all these student representatives seem to be bickering with each other about … something (Vox thinks it might have something to do with someone named Sam Greco), as @NERD says:

It was 9 votes? And I’m glad I graduated too because this is all so incredibly stupid… but that being said, this procedure is not normal, the very minutes you posted prove that. The Vice President did not preside, there was no questions or debate and only a vote by acclamation. And all of that was right after Tisa resigned. Everything they did the other day they just made up.

Meanwhile, stewardthroat lives reminds us of the unfortunate truth that a conspiracy grips student life at Georgetown:

Still others were worried that he was a steward, and voted against him because our campus doesn’t need to be controlled by a secret society of hyperambitious clowns.

Conway, on the other hand, probably reflects the opinions of the Hilltop’s silent majority:

Do us all a favor, GUSA. Abolish yourselves.

GUSA speaker elections aren’t the only elections that are happening inside the Capital Beltway. Bruce Majors decided to use Vox as an easy (and free) way to disseminate his campaign propaganda:

The recent Washington Post poll had an interesting result that the Post reporters and everyone else failed to notice. The real winner was None of the Above, which beat Mayor Gray 26% to 24%.

The Post hid it by breaking the NOTA vote up into “no one,” “other,” “no opinion,” subcategories that themselves often outpolled most of the field. But added together they beat them all, including Mayor Gray.

As to fading into obscurity, the last time I ran for office in 2012 I won the Libertarians permanent ballot status so people can now register Libertarian and run in the first Libertarian primary, and get on the ballot without collecting 5000 signatures each. I have recruited 7 other Libertarians so far to run for a nearly full slate of offices. Our slate is the most diverse in DC, male and female, gay and straight, and not just black and white but black, white, and Asian. For readers who would like to keep up with our new and expanding activity, which looks like it might not get covered on this site, one campaign blog is at

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