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Hey Caitríona,

What are your thoughts on Leo’s dates? I’m super handsome and charming, so I figure the girl I’m dating won’t mind. I mean, I’m not going overboard here, just a few them mixed in with some pizza dates. But I really don’t want to spend too much money, so is Leo’s okay?


Leo’s DiCaprio

Leo’s, No. No, it is not okay. There is not enough charm or allure in this universe that can make Leo’s cuisine appetizing. Leo’s is a good place to hang out with your girl casually, but if you make a formal date with her and then roll up to Leo’s, you’ll go home alone looking like a fool. Besides the bad food, if you go to Leo’s you two will not get any privacy because literally everyone you know will be at Leo’s as well, and if you guys insist on sitting alone, people will know something is up.

I get what you’re saying about money though. Girlfriends are really expensive. That being said, there are tons of cheap date ideas that are infinitely more romantic than Leo’s, like a movie night, or walking to the monuments. But more importantly, don’t feel like you have to pay for everything. I know you want to be chivalrous or whatever, but it’s totally unreasonable to expect that you have to pay for everything. If this girl really is the princess you think she is, she won’t have any trouble dipping into her inheritance once in a while.

Get it? Got it? Good,


Dear Caitríona,

I’m in a great relationship with a boy who is fantastic and sweet and caring… maybe too caring. You see, my greatest sexual fantasy is beyond even the darkest of Christian Grey’s imaginings. I don’t just want your average rough sex—I want to be choked, collared, whipped, handcuffed, hair-pulling, slapped, spit on, and otherwise generally degraded during sex.

But I’m afraid to even bring it up. He’s going to think there’s something seriously wrong with me, and at the same time, he’s going to feel bad about not being able to do it.

If anybody else did those things to me, it would be terrible violence and assault, but I want him to do this for me because I love him and I know he cares about me, too. So… help?

Hit Me Baby At Least One Time?

Hit Me,

From my experience, the trick to sex is to ease into it… sometimes quite literally. So if you think that proposing BDSM to your man would be majorly awkward, try something a little tamer at first, like suggesting that you “like it rough.” That’s ambiguous enough not to scare him off, yet it could still leave some room for interpretation. Who knows, maybe your man likes treating you like the nasty girl you are. Generally, men are somewhat vain and are most turned on when they see that they can turn their partners on, so if you show the most pleasure when your man gets rough, even if you don’t explicitly tell him that you like leather, he might start getting adventurous himself. In fact, he’ll probably think he’s a sex genius for thinking up the idea in the first place. *Sigh* men.

But an added note, I’m assuming that because you read this blog you are probably a Georgetown student, which means that you either live in a dorm, or in an apartment with roommates. BDSM requires room, extensive equipment, and above all, it is really, really loud. So unless you are fine with answering some probing questions, think twice about realizing this fantasy.

Touch me, feel me, suck me… well you know,


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