Comments of the Week: Luca Snowman sleeps with the fishes

Last week, Vox cried over the possible End of Snowdays at Georgetown, got dysentery from a Village A water main break, and sat down for a chat with poor Sad Scott. Oh, and all the snow allowed the Floridian Vox editor to build her first snowman.

Unfortunately for Vox‘s little snowman, Fact Checker believes someone on campus is trying to whack the student journalists.

I heard the stewards put a hit out on your snowman.

wtf confirmed that, indeed, Mr. Snowman was put on ice by the mob. They must have been hired by The Hoya

whoever knocked down that snowman has got some explaining to do

On the anti-abortion rights rally post, meanwhile, not to nitpick but… totally nitpicked Vox‘s adoption of the terms pro- or anti-abortion rights (as opposed to pro-life and pro-choice). FYI it’s an AP Style choice.

noticed you changed the headline from “pro-life” to “anti-abortion,” but honestly both terms have negative connotations for pro-choice advocates because EVERYONE is pro-life and anti-abortion—from a hypothetical standpoint, everyone should want a life brought into the world rather than taken out of it. what you should really equate with the popular “pro-life” label is ANTI-CHOICE, because “pro-life” advocates work to increase the number of obstacles to a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion. again, don’t mean to nitpick but language is important!

Dahlgren Chapel is getting a new organ. GFK is just disappointed that Vox didn’t go for the obvious pun.

Really? No “organ transplant” puns? I’m disappointed.

And finally for your reading pleasure: after the guys from Voice sports posted their weekly sports podcast, Mack Basham commented something of a love letter/stalker note for assistant sports editor Brendan Crowley.


I’m a fan. Long time listener, long time self-hater. I would have to say that there is a lot of drift with this program. I don’t understand that random listing of facts about Nebraska. I do very much enjoy the whiskey-soaked, bluesy twanging vocal cords of one Brendan Crowley. The other guy uses objectively and ironically a little too much. Maybe instead of looking up random facts about Nebraska, you could get a thesaurus, But back to the star. This is my description of Crowley’s commentating style. He emphasizes words at seemingly randomly, which keeps the listener on the edge of his/her/sister’s/drug dealer’s/actuary’s chair. It’s like driving a car with a person who randomly brakes and accelerates because they see monsters in the street who no one else can see. There is also a lot of shout-outs. I do not think that your actually shouting. Crowley, the beautiful bastard, seems to build in pauses to his sentence only to forego the pause at the moment. He makes me feel safe. He makes me feel special. I enjoy this. But focus up kids, focus up.

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Luca Snowman sleeps with the fishes

  1. I think Mack Basham’s comment needs to be an article on its own.

    This is your mission, Vox.

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