Vox on the Rocks: The Fainting Goat

Vox on the Rox (1)

Vox presents a new series, in which she sends a writer or two to go review a bar. To get the full effect, she has them send her text messages documenting the evening. The text message transcript is below and includes all the glory of drunk text messaging.

At the bar:

12:11am V: Everlasting light playing as we walk in. Like it already.

12:13am R: Initial impressions: Bartender is kinda cute, nice atmosphere with beautiful lighting. Chandeliers everywhere. Dark sort of sailer vibe to it.

12:14am V: White paint worn wooden chairs, exposed brick, antique chandeliers, trying to hard?

12:14am  V: Two dark and stormies. Strong but in a good way.

12:15am R: First drink: dark and stormy– holy shit this is strong.

12:18am V: In second thought, not strong, just right and so fucking gingery, mmmmm

12:35am R: Enjoying ours leaves quite a bit!’n

I woul enjoy some dancing though….

Where can u find some dancing ?&?!

12:45am V: Blowing candles out… We came too late


12:45am R: I would love a steak eigt now

Is it sad I had a single drink.. The dark and steamy was so tilt


Meep lets dance

12:50am R: We’re gonna go to marina now!’

Tell you how it is

At random pizza place:

1:24am V: Left bar, it’s -5, no ones out. lol dc can’t handle it cold. #ifyoudontknowbynowimtalkingaboutchitown

1:25am R: Having pizza and milk!!! Yum

1:25am V: Now at pizza place. ERMAHGERD SO GOOD.

1:35am R: OMG pizza and chews and stupid girl is paying???

Stupid girl .. At pizza place bowl



1:45am R: Bat review turns into girl talk!!

1:48am V: Cigarette time. Happy time.

1:50am R: Pizza cigs and milk.. What relax do you need??

Cab ride home:

2:11am R: also 50 yr old man was totally hitting on V


Bar was fun, but empty……

Sad sad day……

Meep need more people

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  1. -5….




  2. This is a good thing. It almost makes me want to leave my dorm.


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