New chalk, er, ramblings replace “Starry Night Over Georgetown”

IMG_0089Update 12:00 am: The artist of the original chalk drawing emailed Vox saying this  drawing is his and does say “SAMO” (though the artist identified as Sa Mo in the first post), though he did not comment on the contents of the drawing.

Original Post: Georgetown washed down the “Starry Night Over Georgetown” chalk drawing, which was anonymously drawn in Red Square almost two months ago, over the weekend.

A new drawing-ish thing has now replaced the previous artwork. The new markings seem to resemble children’s art work at first look, but once one decodes the hidden message, it actually appears to be the first sign of GUSA elections. If you look closely, you can make out something that looks like “Sam for GUSA.” With slogans like “aggrandizement is altruism.” Because candidates are not yet able to make an official announcement, this is likely not anyone’s official campaign. Well, that is assuming drunken GUSA members (or children well-versed in campus politics) don’t obsess over campaigns.

Photos: Laura Kurek and Daniel Varghese/Georgetown Voice

3 Comments on “New chalk, er, ramblings replace “Starry Night Over Georgetown”

  1. Very disappointed in Vox for 1) not picking up that it says Samo (oh wait, the name of the artist you reported a few weeks ago) and 2) Making this a post about GUSA elections rather than actually READING the artwork and seeing that it is a larger critique of Georgetown’s student culture, frivolous motivations, and inability to appreciate artistic expression.

    Perhaps this critique arose because the university thought it was a good idea to pressure wash Samo’s first piece? Vox did absolutely nothing with this post but legitimize every point that Samo made in his art. I expect more from you Vox, and am ashamed that you would use this as an opportunity to make a joke rather than analyze the serious claims that Samo put forth

  2. at the above. Tomato tomato, they all apply to Sam / SamO anyways.

  3. @seriouslyvox

    Check out the update! And the GUSA angle is still plausible since art, by nature, is open to interpretation (though I’m not necessarily saying that’s what the drawing is).

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