GUSA wants a talk with the Provost

Georgetown’s new provost Robert Groves has been busy, going after grade inflation and snow days. GUSA Secretary of Academic Affairs Guy Mentel (COL ’14) and Senate Intellectual Life Chairwoman Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16) have launched an “engagement campaign” in response to these actions which they feel lack student input.

Having been Provost for less than 18 months, Groves has started various initiatives, such as targeting grade inflation and holding classes despite camping closures, but now GUSA is calling timeout until student input is factored into these decisions.

Mentel and Wahal are utilizing their GUSA clout to organize a forum for students to express their opinion. What exactly this forum will look like is not yet decided. “We will seek to meet with the Provost and relevant members of his office to develop a plan for student engagement,” said GUSA President Nate Tisa to Vox in an email.

GUSA wants to start a conversation, not prescribe the answers. Tisa stressed that GUSA is not offering its opinion on Grove’s initiatives, but rather going to the student body and asking theirs.

GUSA also asks for no other initiatives to be launched by Groves until student input has been actively sought and taken into consideration.

“Essentially we are asking for no further changes without opportunity for student engagement. Georgetown students are creative, smart, and have a vested interest in this process, and our participation will lead to a better outcome over time regarding both the recent policy decisions and future decisions,” wrote Tisa.

As big and tall as GUSA may want to seem as vanguard of student interests, their press release on this matter acknowledges their true reach of their clout: “Through their support, in the form of signatures, GUSA hopes to open dialogue.”

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7 Comments on “GUSA wants a talk with the Provost

  1. First of all, “their’s” is definitely not a word.

    Second of all, the last line in this article pretty much confirms Vox’s role as the unobjective, editorializing, and semi-illiterate student publication at Georgetown. Congrats on your continuing mediocrity!

  2. Also, in what world is an article about Guy and Shweta complete without interviews with Guy and Shweta?

  3. I’m all for cutting down GUSA egos when they get too big, but what about getting other people to talk to the Provost is negative? Vox this is probably the shittiest article you’ve put out this year.

  4. Thanks for pointing the typo out. “Their’s” has been corrected to “theirs.”

  5. @ An Informed Observer

    Lots of bitter feelings right there.

    @ Really?

    Ouch. That’s a really low bar. Then again, the year only began a month ago…

  6. What do “camping closures” have to do with holding classes?

    “[T]heir true reach of their clout” is just horrible writing.

    Until Vox gets rid of the orange sneakers standing on the seal, they deserve to get shit on at every turn.

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