Twuesday Tweetacular: Crazed canadians and nesting doll races

RuPancakes, Vox can’t decide what is more confusing about this holiday: the fact that animals are better at predicting the weather than most meteorologists, or that Canada needs four groundhogs to let them know that it is still not getting any warmer above the 45th parallel.

What mbrookstaylor didn’t realize was that all the excited Canadians fled the bar and left for Ontario to celebrate six more weeks of impending coldness.

Jaketapper, there are only two plausible explanations for this. Either a doll-stacking speed race has been added to the list of Olympic events, or Putin has asked the dolls themselves to compete… in bobsledding.

Ah, social interactions. This is why Vox prefers blogging to humans.

2 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Crazed canadians and nesting doll races

  1. Canadians, misplaced banners, and missing tweets. Get it together, Vox. Also, since when does “Vox” refer to the writer/editor of a post? This is clearly a misinterpretation. “Vox” has always been and should always be the collective consciousness of the Voice writers and editors.

  2. @GFK Thanks for your concerns. The missing banner has been placed, and we’re currently working on correcting the tweet. As far as Canadians go, Vox does not discriminate against countries which consume large amounts of maple syrup and enjoy being incredibly polite.

    And the use of “Vox” covers both the individual writer/editor and the collective consciousness of the publication, depending on the context.

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